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Operation Puppy Love

It only cost $28 to save a puppy or $54 for an adult.. that's a small price to pay to ensure an animal will live a great life. We are not reimbursed for the cost to send them so your donation counts.  100% of your donation will go to save lives as an all volunteer organization we have no overhead. Click the "Donate" button above to make a donation to our pay pal account. Thank you for caring!

"Operation Puppy Love"



Stokes County Humane Society is proud of our partnership with North Shore Animal League America located in Port Washington New York.  Because of the work this amazing organization does we are making an impact in Stokes County like never before!!  Together we are literally saving hundreds of lives a year that otherwise would have not had a chance!

We invite you to visit our Face Book Page to see for yourself the animals that are being rescued and given a second chance to go on to live a valued life at:

SCHS on FaceBook

Visit their site and learn about this amazing organization!

 Click here: North Shore Animal League America

How does it work? Glad you asked! In a nutshell here are the basics:


  • SCHS volunteers rescue puppies and young dogs (and sometimes when NSALA can older dogs) from the Stokes County Animal Shelter and within the community. (yes, Emily has been known to stop where there are free puppy signs)

  • SCHS provides volunteer foster families supplies and TONS of support needed to care for the pets in their home.  

  • Volunteer foster families quarantine these kids (for up to 14 days).  SCHS provides all vaccines and necessary medications and supplies.  Puppies visit the vet for a check-up and a certificate of good health to travel.

  • After they are assessed and quarantined and healthy as we make sure they have had any sickness addressed by our vets (Dr. Mcleod  at Animal Ark of Rural Hall, Rural Hall) we load them up on transport day.. clean and with new collars from NSALA into our new van.  {We now have a new cargo van thanks to the Beatrice Curtain Foundation, Marguerite Hendrix and Victor Lefkowitz} We leave out early morning and transport all of these lucky pups to meet our transport driver!

  • NSALA drivers are there to greet us and start them on their journey!  (sometimes foster mommies cry at this stage,and the drivers laugh at us and pat us on the back FYI)Puppies are loaded onto the transport shuttle and taken to the NSALA shelter in NY!

  • Puppies are examined by a staff of vets, cleaned again, spayed/neutered, micro chipped and ready to find their furever family! NSALA ensures they are getting the best home possible with a stringent in-depth adoption policy!  They even have a team designated to reach out to the new families after about a month to ensure all is well and provide assistance if needed! WOW!


Lives (people and pets) are enriched and animals live rather then be euthanized.. (we are not taking in animals that people want.. we are taking in ones that won't live without our assistance)

To date we have saved over 800 lives.  We started bi monthly transports in February you can see it takes lots of money and  very dedicated volunteers (that's right there are no paid positions here.. all donations go 100% to the running of this organization) to accomplish this monumental task.
SCHS needs foster families and sponsors.  Can't foster? We understand, not everyone can do this no matter how personally rewarding ... however, for the cost of dinner for two at a restaurant, by eating in, you can ensure a puppy or young dog from Stokes will go on to live a long and fulfilling life with a family who values them!
It costs $32 to save a puppy and $57 to save an adult dog (age five months to two years) - because NSALA also has an overabundance of hounds, husky types, pit bulls and pit bull mixes in their area that they are helping, they have to be selective on what they can assist us with.
If you are interested in fostering (all expenses paid) or if you are able to sponsor an animal in this program, please contact us at 
We will gladly provide you with info and pics on the pet you agree to sponsor, just ask!
Our volunteers have made us the organization we are today.  Join this small but dedicated group of amazing folks and see just how a little bit of effort can make such a huge impact!
Email us if you are interested in saving the life of an animal in 
Stokes County!

Below are some pics of kids we have sent to North Shore Animal League America.. help us continue this literally life saving work with your support.. it all adds up, no amount is too small!