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SCHS Adoption Procedures

If you see a pet your interested in on our site, you must complete an application before meeting your pet of choice.  Once you have completed the application below (in Word) email it to We will then begin working on approval of your application.  You will then be contacted by the foster family to schedule a visit with the pet to ensure its a good fit.  All family members must be present at this meeting. The approval process takes about two days (most of that time is waiting on the references to contact us back).  We will allow an overnight visit to get a feel of things and ensure everyone is satisfied (on a case by case basis).  If for some reason it just does not work out, we will refund all adoption fees up to 10 days, after that only 50%. We are here as a source for any issues you may be experiencing to ensure it's a smooth transition for all.  We are interested in placing pets with families on a permanent basis, which is why we strive to be thorough during the application process.  Also, its our goal to reduce the number of homeless pets and we feel education is key to a successful bond with humans and their pets. It serves no one to place a pet that is not compatible to a family's lifestyle or what is not expected by the family.  We are completely honest about the temperament and history of all of our kids.  It puts the family and the pet in complete turmoil to be put in a situation where its not a good match, therefore we work hard ensure it's a good fit from the beginning for everyone involved.  The kids in our program are all saved from certain death from shelters and other dire circumstances, so this is truly their 2nd chance at the life they deserve. We house them in our homes, so we are completely aware of their training, temperament etc. If you don't see what your looking for exactly, we have a huge network in which to help you find what your looking for. So don't worry there are lots of animals out there, what you see here is not all we have access to. We look forward to helping you find your perfect pet companion. 

To find the pet that's best for you and your family, we need you to tell us about your lifestyle and the expectations you have for your new family member.   We require that you complete the application in its ENTIRETY we ask all these questions for a reason, so any applications with blanks will be sent back requesting ALL the information requested.


If you have any questions or concerns call us at 336-994-6117 Here's what we need from you if you are interested in adopting:


  • Tell us about yourself. By completing an adoption application, you will give us information on your lifestyle and what you are looking for in a pet so our Adoption Counselors can help you find the best match. You must be at least 21 to adopt. If you lease your dwelling, you must provide proof from your landlord that you are allowed to have pets.
  • Bring the whole family. It's important that your new pet meets everyone in your household. This way our Adoption Counselors can identify if there are any personality conflicts. (Sometimes animals can be very particular about who they like.) If you have a dog(s) already and are adding to your furry family, bring him/her too! (Pets can have personality conflict as well.)
  • Tell us about your previous pets. If you currently have a pet or recently lost a pet, we will need to verify with your veterinarian that your current pets are up to date on their vaccinations. We prefer your pets already be neutered/spayed. (If you're pets are not spayed/neutered, we can provide you with a low cost spay/neuter coupon.) Note: We will not be able to complete the adoption until we have verified your pet history with your vet. If your current pets are not spayed/neutered, we will not adopt out a pet that is not already sterilized.
  • Be prepared. All adopters must satisfy ALL the adoption procedures before an adoption will be finalized. Once the application is approved, we will contact you to schedule a meet and greet with the pet and your family and any current pets. Once that has taken place, we will schedule the home visit and delivery options. We can not hold pets at your request, all approved applications will be treated on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • Let us know how it's going. SCHS will continue to be a resource for you after adoption. We love to hear how everyone is getting along and how much fun you're having. Likewise, if you have any problems with your new pet we will try to help you work through them. Many times simple advice can solve the problem.



Love and friendship are free.  Adoption services are not. There is a fee to adopt an animal from SCHS. Our fee is $175.00.  Here is what they have had done prior to adoption:

All pets in our care are fed Natural Balance dog food, this is our recommendation as it works! All of our kids will have been vaccinated due to their age requirements.  You will be responsible for any vaccines after adoption is complete, i.e. rabies.. 3rd booster, Heart Worm test for maintenance meds.




Spayed or Neutered

(depending on age/size.. provisions can be made for those that are just too small at one of our contracted vet offices)

Rabies (Given at 16 weeks)

Parvo/Distemper Vaccine (DA2PPVC) (will have had at least two rounds) Lepto for the those 4 mos and older. 


De-worming (will have had at least 2 rounds) with vet grade worming medication.

Heartworm tested and on preventative medication (at 5 months of age)

Micro Chipped

In order to apply please download the above application and email it to or if you cannot download it, send an email requesting one be sent to you or competed over the phone (every penny we save goes to the animals in our care so we try to be frugal).